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around the village and at home.

"I have been a technician from the beginning of the project. I already liked repairing small things.

"I was trained in the office in Soavina. First I was taught the names of all the parts and then how to use them, how to build pipes, how to install taps. This was new to me and I enjoyed it very much as I could extend my knowledge.

"My status in the community has greatly changed and improved. People have more consideration for me as a technician and now every time there's a programme or something to do they call me and appoint me and everything – if something difficult happens they say Jerome can manage it.”

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By playing an active role in the projects communities can become empowered and more cohesive. In Alakamise elected members of the community were provided training in maintenance, management, hygiene education and accounting skills; creating the skills necessary to undertake more development.